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Is Menopause Making You Irritable Or Depressed

Does Menopause Make You Irritable Or Depressed?

Many women call the menopause a rollercoaster ride because their emotions can sway up and down. Two of the emotions most closely associated with menopause are irritability and depression.

It is the lower hormone levels that can cause these emotions to rise in a way that might surprise you. Some women have described it as the same kind of escalating irritability or depression as PMS - times ten.

The irritability associated with menopause can cause you to get angry more easily than normal. You may experience impatience and anger in situations you would not normally experience.


The presence of this type of heightened emotional state can cause you to react snappishly to people you used to talk to calmly and politely. It can cause you to feel that you want to react in a more physical way - for example, if you are angry with someone on the phone, you might want to throw the phone across the room.

If your hormone levels were normal, this is not behavior you would want to display. If you are irritable because of menopause, you may also feel less sympathetic to the needs of others - including those closest to you.

It can cause you to say things that are less friendly than you would normally do. It can make you lose your temper at the slightest provocation and make you so angry that you get angry about little things - such as being stopped in traffic or queuing at the grocery store.

Menopausal depression can also manifest itself in various ways. You may start to struggle at home or at work with activities that you used to excel at.

You may find that you withdraw from other people - including your loved ones - because you simply want to be alone. Another sign of menopausal depression is the feeling that nothing is going right.

Maybe you have crying fits and do not understand why. Fortunately, although menopause can cause you to experience these emotions, there is a way you can fix your feelings by changing your lifestyle or taking medication.

If you decide to change your lifestyle, you can engage in practices that will help you calm your emotions and get rid of the stress that can accompany menopause.

Some women opt for yoga or learn to practice mindfulness. You can also find a way to engage in activities that help you focus on something - for example, a hobby like painting or writing in a journal.

A healthy diet and regular physical activity can also help to relieve both irritability and depression. Exercise releases the body's feel-good hormone, giving you a natural boost that calms you and lifts your spirits.

Sometimes hormone replacement therapy is needed to help you cope with the emotions caused by menopause. Be sure to ask your doctor about this practice, as well as the use of supplements, as it may not be suitable for everyone.


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